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Works in Progress

My works in progress focus on four central areas: Local leadership, perceptions of female leadership, the path to political office, and religion and politics.

Local leadership: My ongoing research here focuses on the ways that urban fiscal crises change political behavior in American cities. Included in this project are a book-length investigation and several ongoing article-length projects. They include:
Holman, Mirya R. Cities in Crisis: How Voters and Politicians React when the Money Disappears (Book Project); Holman, Mirya R. "The Rhetoric of Rejuvenation: The Discussion of Economic Crises by Urban Leaders"; "A Monumental Event: How Urban Financial Problems Have Shaped the City-State Relationship in American Political Development;" and "After the Fall: The political and economic effects of urban financial distress" (with Zhu Zhang, a Tulane PhD student).

Perceptions of female leadership: Working with Jennifer Merolla and Elizabeth Zechmeister, I am interested in how our research on terrorist threats and national security crises applies to current women in politics across a diverse set of counties. This project, “Comparative Preferences for Female Leadership in Times of Crisis,” is based on experimental results in developed and developing countries. I am also interested in the intersection of social desirability bias and gender stereotypes and have several ongoing projects that evaluate the measurement of gender stereotypes. An additional project with Erin Cassese examines how the content of negative campaigns can adversely influence voter decision making about women running for political office. 

The Path to Political Office: My research on the path to political office investigates the psychological barriers to women's interest in political office, including work on intersectionality and political ambition, the role model effect, and framing, all with Monica Schneider. I am also interested (with Tiffany Barnes) in how the path to political office varies between men and women and how that influences the quality of governance. 

Religion and politics: My research on religion and politics looks at three key questions: what messages about politics do the religiously faithful receive from their congregations? How does gender interact with the religious and political experience of Americans? And how do religious beliefs and behaviors influence political decisions and participation? Working with various co-authors, I have several article-length projects focused on these questions.