Environmental Politics

Course Description: This course is an examination of politics relating to the environment in the United States. We will evaluate how environmental politics have progressed in the US and the current state of environmental politics. Using a case-study approach, we will examine current environmental problems for the US federal government and suggest solutions. This is a research-intensive course.


Course Goals: This course examines the politics of environmental issues in the United States. The course has three primary goals. The first goal is for you to be introduced to the laws, institutions, stakeholders, and political processes that shape the debates over environmental politics and policy at the federal level.


The second goal is for you to develop and practice skills of analyzing and making decisions relevant to environmental politics and policy. Drawing on politics, public policy, and environmental studies, this course will consider how the federal government regulates the environment, the political discourse around environmental issues, how to protect the environment through various policy approaches, the formation and evolution of environmental political attitudes, and the contested role of science in environmental politics.


The third goal is for you to become fluent in environmental politics and policy.  Becoming comfortable with environmental politics and policy requires both studying and participating in environmental decision-making.   

M Holman,
Oct 3, 2012, 6:21 PM