I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at Tulane University. Prior to working at Tulane, I was on the faculty at Florida Atlantic University. I received my PhD from Claremont Graduate University in American Politics and Public Policy in 2010. My research interests focus on women and politics, local politics, research methods, and environmental politics. My book, Women in Politics in the American City (Temple University Press) examines the effect of the female mayors and city council members on urban politics. I currently am researching gender and political ambition, how local politics change when cities encounter financial distresses, the role of religious beliefs in political attitudes and actions, gender and the 2016 election, and the pathways to political office, as well as a variety of other projects. My research used a variety of advanced methods, with a focus on experimental and survey research. Please feel free to contact me (mholman [at] tulane [dot] edu) if you would like access to any of my working papers or published work. I am currently organizing (with Rachel Bernhard, Shauna Shames, and Dawn Teele) a Dialogues piece at Politics, Groups and Identities and an edited volume on Good Reasons to Run, which focuses on the ways that we can get a more diverse group of people running for office. 

Please check out my research (including my peer-reviewed publications, other publications, and works in progress), my teaching, and my personal interests.